Vijaya is a reliable, flexible and dependaple as a CPA. She is thorough in her work and also insightful with her guidance on tax related activity.

– Raghu Venkatesh

I have been using Elan Solutions for personal accounting for past few years. Vijaya Hari is reliable, responsive (even in tax season), and affordable. As a small business manager, I really appreciated Vijaya’s expertise as she walked me through the PPP loan forgiveness application.
I highly recommend her.

– Prajakta Ghatpande

It was a fantastic experience working with Vijaya. She is very transparent, has great work ethics and She had our back throughout our interactions. She meticulously went through every detail of the financial transaction details we provided. Never missed something, asked the right questions and infact caught some points we missed. Was very patient with delays from our side while being very prompt in her responses! Simply brilliant!

– Uthra Sampath

Hassle free and worry free tax filing, for our business and individual tax returns.Thanks Vijaya for helping us decide on correct form of business entity, sale of property and many other situations we are facing every year.
Thoroughly honest and professional and my go to Finance- Tax consultant.

– Priya Chander

We have been Vijaya’s customers since last year and should have hired her from the get go. We initially went with another CPA, who incorrectly took care of our account’s ledger. Vijaya jumped in and fixed everything going back a couple of years and cleaned up the mess. She is there for her clients and we are glad we have her as our CPA.

-Thirsty Bay LLC

KIA consulting was incorporated with Vijaya’s help. She has helped us in more than 1 ways to run and explain us the tax part for a corporation. She has been doing our personal taxes too from past 4 years. She has been instrumental when it comes to peace of mind regarding taxes. She does her research thoroughly before advising us with any new item that comes up. With us she has always maintained the deadline and made sure we understand each and every item correctly. She has been very patient with all our queries be it personal or company tax.
I would definitely recommend her to family and friends!

-Kavita K

Vijaya at Elan, has been our Accountant for more than a decade. She has been meticulous and prompt. She’s a pleasure to work with and has a great attitude. We look forward to continuing her services.

-Shankar K

We have worked with Vijaya for the last two years and she has been a incredible tax resource for our very small business. She’s responsive and accurate. We tend to have a lot of questions and she has helped guided us along the way. We definitely would recommend Vijaya!

-Samantha Q.

Sucsus solutions was created with Vijaya Hari’s help. She helped incorporating the company and handled all the accounts including filing state taxes. She helps with our personal taxes that includes rentals out of state for the last 7 years, Vijaya Hari (proud owner of Elan Solutions), has been an asset to us. She has helped us to have peace of mind as she handles all tax related items for us.

Vijay is always available, very friendly and very knowledgeable. She returns our phone calls promptly, patiently answers all our questions, provides us good guidance and ensures the taxes are done correctly. Even after moving out of state from bay area, we feel she is here with us in Austin, the way she operates. The distance did not matter, as she is available on phone when we call and answers all our questions and takes care of our business and personal tax items.

I will recommend Vijaya to both Bay area and out of state clients. I recommend her for both personal and small business related filings.

With her as my main CPA, I know I am always in safe hands.

-Vidya R.

Canvas InfoTech Inc. came into being with Vijaya Hari. From incorporating the company to setting up Quickbooks to setting up all the accounts to doing payroll for its rapidly growing employees to filing state payroll taxes in 40 states to doing my corporate and personal taxes for the last 9 years, Vijaya Hari (proud owner of Elan Solutions), has really come through for me.

Canvas is just one of my many mini endeavors and I always turn to Vijaya for setting up the next corporation and my next set of books. She is prompt, courteous, friendly, available, returns calls immediately if she doesn’t pick up my calls and I had a heart attack when she decided to move to Seattle from Bay Area. So glad she is back.

-Alok B.

Vijaya Hari has been my tax accountant/advisor for the last 10 years, and my experience with her has been nothing less than spectacular! Her attention to detail and deep knowledge of the ever changing tax laws is nothing short of amazing; highly recommend Vijaya to anyone looking for a top notch tax accountant/advisor! If you file taxes, you need Vijaya Hari! She is truly an expert and has been an invaluable tool for me and my family. She is an expert in both businesses and personal taxes. When you have a question, she replies quickly and with detailed answers. If you are looking for an accountant you must meet with Vijaya Hari !!

Satya P.

Vijaya has been exceptional in all aspects of our books. She is timely and goes above and beyond the call of duty to find errors in accounting. She is very easy to talk to and “Gets it”. I am pleased to have her doing our books and taxes. Looking forward to working with her and her team in the future.

Brian G.

We used Elan Solutions for filing our Business and personal tax returns since several years now and we received nothing but exceptional services. Thank you Vjaya and Team! All the very best to you!!!

Tojo J.

I have been working with Vijaya for the last 12 years or so and I must say it has been a pleasure working with her

Vijaya is knowledgeable friendly and very patient. I truly appreciate what she has help me achieve and scale

I would not hesitate to recommend Wiak to anybody. If you have any questions please don’t has to take to call me at 415-994-8021

Satish S.

Vijaya has been my CPA for the past 3 years. She is amazing in her line of work. She is always available when I have any questions. She creates very good strategies to process my taxes that are beneficial for me and my family. I appreciate her hard work and I recommend her for any kind of business or personal taxes.

Shivani Amar